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5192 Primeval Ice Age
Congrats to Dupont & Vball on dual victories!  

Victory By Rex Is The Cimmerians Kingdom!
                           Game End Status Points

        Place Kingdom    Player                Results-17  Grand Total

          1     CI     DuPont                    17,000      19,720
          2     DE     Vball Michael             14,340      16,265
          3     RD     Calidor                    6,930       9,031
          4     AM     Drogo                      4,040       5,945
          5     IL     Son of Conan               2,800       4,250
Congrats to all who played. It was a fun game.
These games are often about speed. The CI has little magic to speak of, but in a game like this, that matters less because few will have the time or money to develop top wizards. The CI has a big plus in a permanent winter environment - extra money and food as well as that's when their fighters do best. I snapped up the Mists, quickly moved on to Oakendell and was able to move into Amberland a turn ahead of the Amazon. We split the cities, but I had the advantage and got control first and that made it hard for him to operate. He then sent his troops into the Mists while I had sent two of my groups into Torvale. He did cause me one bad moment when he landed on my capital and took it, but he didn't get my king and I had held back my largest group to deal with him. I intercepted one group, hit it, trailed it and hit it again, destroying it and taking the artifacts. The following turn, I intercepted the other group and destroyed it as well, netting more artifacts. I'd sent people into Torvale to take villages and my groups took enough towns to claim the region and that was that. I declared the DE an enemy on the last turn for fear that he might come after me in Amberland and when I saw he also put in for a Rex, I was thinking it would be ironic if doing so would have given him more points than me, but it wasn't the case. Good game all!
Edited OP to reflect that!
That's a first for me.

Anyhow, here's a quick recap from my perspective:

This was my first IceAge game so I wasn't sure what to expect. I chose the RD for their speed and obvious military prowess. My plan was to move swiftly which I did right off the blocks. I grabbed R3 and then R7 in rapid succession. Looking at the board... it looked like I had more room to expand in the south so I made the decision to relocate my capital to R7.

R10 was still open so I swooped in, but this was at the same time that the IL moved in (I had hoped he would move North into Amberland which was also open). This started a war which would last until the end of the game. Once they denigrated me and moved their resources into R10 I realized that Arcania would be an easier target so I pushed into there. AT this point the DE started nibbling on R3, eventually consuming it. I let him go uncontested because A) I had limited resources there, B) I already was at war with the IL and C)I hoped he would Pinwheel into R2 and take on the other threat in the Cimmerians.

Realizing that the DE was not going to move into R2... I realized that I had to pause my quest for the Sands and try to slow him in Synisvania. I feinted troops towards Vanasheen hoping to have the IL draw his forces there and then pivoted into Synisvania. Unfortunately, the IL slept my Count so I was JUST SHY of being able to turn Synisvania uncontrolled.

In hindsight, it wouldn't have mattered as the CI also declared this turn.

Overall it was a pretty fun game for me. I liked the RD but they definitely had food challenges related to IceAge. I didn't even take some of the cities in my region. I was able to keep ahead of the curve by rapid expansion but once the DE started eating away at R3 I was in a deficit. It was great to get 4 RD brigades on T15 but that really made it hard for food. This last turn I was unable to feed everyone.

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