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Battles - why was I wiped out?
results seem kind of unbalanced.  A summary:

      Red Dragon                                   Ranger

                   Major General xxx            Marshal xxx
                   General yyy               Major General yyy
                   Centurion zzz       Captain zzz

                       Power-1 zyx   --> invisible Power-2 xyz --> Shield
                                                   Power-2 zxy --> valor
                                                   Power-1 xxy --> Lightning

                    5 Red Dragons Regular          2 Rangers Regular
                    2 Wyverns Regular              1 Rohirrim Regular
                    2 Great Bats Regular           1 Zamorans Regular

                                     Combat Factors
                         Good Leaders              Very Good Leaders

                                   Tactical Selection
                    Determined Attack              Hold At All Costs

results: RD lost 8.61% - Rangers lost 78.38% Then these RD fought a 2 brigade RA force that had a L2 and L1 wizard and very good leaders _ RD lost  2.02% vs 100% for RA.  Then took the RA capital, vs PC of about 11500, losing 13.86%.    I do know  that the RD has an advantage attacking PC's but the RA is supposed to have a PC defense advantage too.

]The end result is that the RD is probably better off than before, with maybe 25% attrition but leader promotions and no brigades lost vs. 6 RA brigades and a capital.  I have not been playing as long as most of the current players, but this just does not seem right.  This has me bummed to the point of considering dropping, which I have never done.
I plan to break this down in detail later this weekend. But yeah Alamaze can be very unforgiving in a battle at times. When both sides go all in with army size or smaller groups one or both sides are going to take a lot of damage.
Looks reasonable to me at a glance. As RD are BY far the most powerful brigade in the game and he has 5 of them concentrated with a more than 2-1 advantage in troops. I’m guessing the values were like 35k for him vs like 14k for you. Then there is the phasing and I am sure you got severely walloped in the charge phase.

Then with the huge morale bonus and leader promotions wiping out a 2 brigade force was child’s play.

The lesson here is never take the RD on when even let alone outnumbered more than 2-1. Try not to take him on in the plains.
Without knowing the terrain, or seeing the battle description which lets you know phase by phase what's happened and of course each phase effects the next, I'd say if it was in the plains I think given half the size of the much superior red dragon force (5 RD brigades) and the Rangers accepting the highest possible casualties, it is not a surprising outcome.  Rangers using Organized Withdrawal in the forest would have a much more favorable result.

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