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So Says Ry Vor
I'll use this to post developments from time to time.  It's closed for posting on this thread but you can post about its subject matter on General Discussion.
Good news: As of May 5, 2018 games that reach turn 25 will no longer occupy a service level game slot.  For example, a Scout Level Service player is in a game which is on turn 25.  His one slot provided by Scout Level Service is now available again and he may sign up for a new game while continuing in the game on turn 25 while remaining at Scout.

We think this makes it easier for players to see a game to conclusion even if their position is not favorable.
Please pay your invoices when issued.  We don't ask for deposits, etc.

When invoices are not paid promptly, it makes me sad.  And then other bad emotions.  Please don't let this happen. 

We run on trust.  Please affirm by prompt payment of the measly invoice that this is the right philosophy for Alamaze players.
Regarding Maelstrom Potential Adjustments:

These are some potentially happening changes that may happen within Maelstrom including existing games.  This is in addition to some setup changes that don't effect existing games but are related to a few kingdoms mainly starting with more brigades than intended. 

Here are some things that may be adjusted without further notice - again, Mike is independent and doing any Alamaze stuff as a favor, mainly, so he is not on a timetable, etc.
I am just trying to avoid the reaction that this change adversely effected my position and came out of the blue.


1.  Base PC defense is about 20% tougher.  This is on what we call defense rating or loss divider, which may change at a base level of 1.1 to 1.3.  This means 1000 attack points now does 900 to a PC (1000/1.1) but will do about 760 points going forward.
2.  Defense rating with any fortification improvement, from Motte & Bailey on will have a base defense of 1.7.  This reflects the superior training and defensive position of the fortification beyond the defense value.  So 1000 damage against a village with Mott & Bailey that now would do 900, will do if this is in effect 515 or so. 

These are because castles are being too easily overrun, especially with:

3.  Forge improvements.  Forge will cost 20k + 20k instead of 10k + 10k.  Also, initially the cost of outfitting was to be for one brigade, but currently we are restricted to outfitting a group, so the cost of either (one per turn) arming or armoring a group will be 20k + 20k. 
4.  The Fear and Valor effects limit at 25%, whether by intrinsic qualities like Stalwart or Ruthless or via spell.  The max effect to be 25%.

A couple minor bugs as well, one with a HP divination for artifact.  That's about it.
As noted elsewhere, many of these changes have been implemented by Uncle Mike.  I need to follow up with him on a couple specifics including a few spell effect changes.

I want to thank everyone (well, nearly everyone) for getting current in their accounts.  This is about the lowest number of outstanding invoices we've seem in a long time, and its as much just a motivator to me that lets me know the players care.

Finally for now, I'm sharing the feelings of our Alamaze community and hopefully all of America to thank those who have provided service to our nation, and in remembrance of those who preceded and gave their lives for our country.
Today, June 20, 2019, it appears the IBM hosted server processing games was interrupted.  The server was restarted, but the games scheduled to run during that time did not process.  I have asked Mike to investigate.  Meanwhile, you can still enter orders for all games and they likely will run when scheduled.
Everything back in order less than 24 hours later.

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