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New character suggestion: Minstrel
The Minstrel is a valuable character that can travel with your Kingdom's troops or be positioned in a population center.   When traveling with your troops you can issue order #XYZ to have the minstrel entertain the troops and increase morale.  In a brigade sized force it would increase 5%, in a division it would increase 3% and in Army/Army group 2%. (Note this has a cap of 120% morale).   A minstrel staged in a PC can issue order #ABC which will allow them to stir unrest against the population center's owner (equal to a Gov) or issue order #CBA to sing the praises of the current owners (equal to a Gov).  A Minstrel can also be issued command # QWE to perform a recon equivalent to a level 1 agent.(in his current population center)

Note that when performing negative actions (recon in enemy PC or stirring unrest) there is a chance of having their actions discovered and thus falling under arrest of the population center owner.  Base chance is 5%. A minstrel traveling with a group can be slain in combat and is subject to enemy spells such as kill leader/wizard.

Go easy on me.
Can I bribe your ministrel to work for me?
I thought about that. Could be interesting.

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