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Tease: New Spells
Here's a list of many (not all) of the spells new to Maelstrom.  The second group are new high power spells.  Again, in Maelstrom not all kingdoms get all spells, including kingdoms with Magic Supremacy.

Spells New to Maelstrom:

Greater Dispel

Invisible Character
Charm Animals
Quicken Weapon
Shroud of Fog
Wind in Our Sails
Create Time
Cantrip Raven Familiar
Cantrip Fox or Black Owl Familiar
Cantrip Imp Familiar
Cantrip Ward
Lesser Animation
Stamina Cantrip
Stone Golem
Iron Golem

Greater Spells:

Invisible Power Casting
Evil Incarnate -Dark Lord Emerges
Mass Cleansing
Supreme Warding
Mastery (intrinsic)
Perfect Perception
Child's Play (Cantrip)

I love New spells. Are we going to have to figure out who has what or will all setups be released at launch?
(03-01-2018, 01:16 PM)Draugr Wrote: I love New spells.   Are we going to have to figure out who has what or will all setups be released at launch?

Yes.  Wink

I like to have discovery through play, but when I first came out with 2nd Cycle with that thought, pretty much all the secret victory conditions and spell lists were exchanged by the time Turn 1 was due.  So probably we'll give the lists someplace upon release or earlier, likely Help Guides, which may be broken into a couple different links, as will Valhalla.  Just the Spell List Chart with say 150 spells and 30 kingdoms would have 4500 cells.  Harder than assigners are obviously creating the spells and writing the descriptions and the info needed for coding.

This thread is intended as a tease: you can guess what the spells do, and I'll probably spill the beans on a few a day.
It’s true. I remember when I found about 15 years ago and was thrilled to finally be able to read and compare all the setups and turn zeros. I wish we could keep them “secret” but alas information sharing is the way of the world now.
Create time isn't new. The LI gets it earlier than other kingdoms, although it is oddly missing from his spell lists.

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