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5093 Double Rex
For the second time in recent history, 2 different leaders claimed and accomplished Rex on the same turn. Two winners, crazy. Game 5093 ended yesterday with NE and IL both taking their 4th regions on turn 24. Congrats to Canticar on his win and to DuPont for taking the DA to the remaining podium spot.

Victory!   Canticar, leader of the Necromancer kingdom has won by Rex Victory (control
           4 or more regions), regards to all who made this game an exciting contest.

Victory!   Vball Michael, leader of the Illusionist kingdom has won by Rex Victory
           (control 4 or more regions), regards to all who made this game an exciting contest.

This was my first steel game since my break, and it was fun. Nice to get back into it with strong opponents.
LOL that's crazy!
Congratz to you both.
Good job Calidor,

You took two of my regions in 5 turns! Wow, that is awesome.

BTW: I played the Demon Princes.
Interesting game. I was the Druid. After the Pirates poached an US in R1, I started building up an expedition, only to see the DEmon Princes hit them hard. So I followed the Pirates into R4 and had a vicious little 3 sided war going on. The Sorcerer King defended himself ably.

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