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Game 5041
This game just started but I wanted to say that since there are some new players in this game (as in they just created their Alamaze account with us), you may want to sign up to play the free Tutorial game to learn some things before delving into this game.

You may create a Tutorial game for yourself in the Game Queue (link is on the Home page of the order entry site after logging in). Here's a picture of the link:

Since this game is Pagan (means you cannot divine pc locations with a high priestess), that part of the Tutorial won't apply for this game but just about everything else will so give it a try. This game's first turn orders are due Monday Oct 2 at 8pm EST so you have this weekend to try out the Tutorial and learn the ropes before submitting your first turn's actions.

Also, since this game has random cities, that means that the default cities marked on the map are not actually there. You'll have to find the cities (1 per region) in this game yourself with 4th-level or higher agents, moving groups around the region, or casting certain wizard spells (raven familiar, eagle familiar).

One last note, since this game may be long due to no communication being allowed between players (anonymous), you may want to issue the Create Sanctuary action at some point to prevent your kingdom from being eliminated in the game. Read about sanctuaries here:

Good luck!

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