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Game 5031 Full Diplomacy
The WA can be reached at
Hey, can I provide some advice on turn processing for this game?

The last person who clicked on the ready button was this morning to trigger the turn but that person had saved their orders 3 days ago back on the 21st (no changes since then). Now, I don't mind waiting until the very end if people need the extra time but try not to forget to click on the ready button or you'll be holding up the game for no reason.
Oops, didn't think my Demon Princes would grab control of Amberland so quickly. Oh well, I guess the UN deserved it for taking my village Smile

Probably won't hold it though 'cause have to teach the RD a lesson in the Sands. Anyone wish to join me against the RD-UN-DA alliance? Send me a forum message if you're interested. If not then don't complain later on because that trio will end up dominating this game...
What lesson is that? Never get in a land war in the steppes? Make up an imaginary alliance to get others to help you win?
I wont give all the details to as where your incorrect, that would not be wise. However the Gnome did want to be my ally against the DE, but I declined. I wasnt against the DE, but it looks like I need to be now.
Who ever would like to join the UN and RD againsts the DE aggressors contact me.

Where do you get the idea I am your enemy. We spoke once on the forum before turn 1. You and I both indicated that the other was not a target(early). The RD found my village at JR and attacked it immediately. He then contadted me offering an exchange for 1 one his in the SS. I have made 1 trade of food for gold with the RD(got a better deal than the market) and no trades with the UN. I have left your Town in Synisvania untouched for 7 turns now. And yet you scream some grand plot against you. I am not wide open as I was to you in an earlier game, and I don't think you'd like adding me to your enemy list this early. I thing the snow must be blowing again!
To no surprise, I must admit. The DE thinks his village in the middle of the region is more important than a village with Sea of Foreboding access that I offered him in exchange? 8,000 food and 20,000 gold seems far better than 8,000 food and 2,000 gold in my opinion...
Paranoia must be a trait caused by too much gating!
Can't we all just get along.... and hug a tree together?!

The Druids
I like trees, they make good toothpicks.
Um, strange comments above but I don't think the DE is the aggressor in this one. I'm rarely so in games. UN, I still don't know why you claimed my pc without saying anything when we had an agreement between us. BTW, I would have let you have it if you had just asked beforehand. That sort of thing happens in games but you definitely were on my hit list after that.

About the RD, if you're not interested in my region then why are your groups flying around the Steppes? That exploration is an indication of future expansion. So yes, I and just about everyone else will declare you an enemy. That's normal guys. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

About the trio RD-UN-DA, I'm not imagining that combination but just looking at the trades between you guys. I'm not much of a coordinator in getting others to work together but if we don't confront that trio, they'll dominate the game. I really can't take on the trio by myself but I'll give it a try anyway. Just the trades among them is pulling them ahead of everyone else so we need to catch up and work together or it'll be a slaughter.

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