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I really don't want my name associated with the current goddess concept. It's that bad and shouldn't be done. In comparison, take a look at how much better the game would be if the concept was expanded further and fully developed:

A Pantheon of deities (12+) to choose from that are aligned along a specific domain (nature, death, fertility, war, commerce, luck, etc.). Each deity provides various advantages and disadvantages associated with their domain. For example, the Luck or Fortune deity would provide better chances at Unusual Encounter resolutions as well as provide more points for achieving ESO or kingdom customizations (so a player may achieve their ESO sooner with the bonus points, or for customization, have more points to acquire additional items at the beginning of the game).

It would be better to offer both Major and Minor deities to give players a choice. A Major would provide greater effects but a Minor would have lesser penalties.

I would also reintroduce the Appeal To The Gods order for all game types (not just teams). Minor deities should have a greater chance of responding to an Appeal compared to a major deity. Every deity will have its own specialized Appeal effects whether it’s something like extra gold (commerce deity) or additional troops (military deity).

I would also introduce a new divine-related concept called Worship. This level (or points like influence) will increase or decrease in value depending upon the activities of a kingdom and the “faithfulness” of its populace. If your kingdom plunders a pc with a temple of the same deity, this action would lower the Worship level (or raise it if acquired/developed a similarly aligned temple).

Another factor to increase the Worship level of a kingdom would be to make donations every turn. Donations should be proportional to the kingdom's turn production. For example, if a kingdom’s production is 100,000 gold a turn, say 15% or 15,000 gold, is the minimum donation required to maintain the current Worship level.

The benefits of Worship could be any number of things: reduced priestess/divine order costs, greater likelihood of noble maiden into high priestess, and other things like providing greater detail in certain divine orders (e.g., when divining pop centers, not only will pc locations show up but also a L1-L10 recon depending upon the Worship level). There should be several benefits of having a decent Worship level.

In addition to the above, I would also enhance the kingdom turn report to have its own Divine section. So the current section that lists the kingdom's emissaries, agents, and priestesses in a single section, I would extract these sections out into three separate areas: Politics, Covert, Divine.

Each section would list its own personnel and any buildings associated with the section. The Divine section would show all its figures (noble maidens, high priestesses, hierophants (the goddess of above), and other such personnel. It will also show any divine-related buildings like the Temple, Great Temple, Grand Temple, Shrine, .etc.

The deity chosen for the kingdom (if any) should also be presented in this section and list the deity's effects if necessary. Also, the Worship level/point value should be displayed in the Divine section.

Each extracted/expanded section would also have decent graphics/icons to enhance the section's presentation on the kingdom turn report.

I would also further develop the Political and Covert sections in the kingdom turn report. For example, the Covert section could have a new figure like a super-agent that is more successful in all missions but only one such figure may exist in the kingdom. The Covert section should also list all of its building types like a Thieves Guild, Torture/Interrogation Chamber, Apothecary, .etc.

Thieves Guild could be of two versions: good or evil based. Good-aligned Thieves Guild would include something like using young or orphaned agents that through the use of begging, increases the gold production of the pc. An evil-aligned Thieves Guild would increase the chances of successful kidnapping/assassination attempts but due to the extorting of nobles, your kingdom would have to make extortion payments to the Thieves Guild every turn.

The Interrogation Chamber could provide bonuses to the success of bribes and at a lower cost. The Apothecary would allow the use of poisons which could boost the chances of assassinations.

The same expansion effort should be done for the Politics section (new figure/ranks, new building types, new special effects).

Overall, by fully developing these concepts, it would make the game more interesting to play and further enhance the kingdom turn report to be more exciting and worthwhile to read.

I'll tell you right now, I have no interest in programming something like the above goddess concept. It'll be embarrassing if I showed it to another as a reference and I don't want my name associated with something that poorly developed. Especially after I made the above suggestions to make the entire concept better.
No, we're not making Alamaze into a religious war.  The idea is to enhance the Devout trait with this added capability, not to transform the game. 

There are plenty of new concepts in Maelstrom, and just the map is itself going to launch entirely new strategies.  I'm not trying to overwhelm the players with essentially a different game.  As I've said, I only know one player that gets bored easily with Alamaze....  Many more are more concerned with changes to the game they know.

I wouldn't be concerned about your credentials as a programmer being judged on a rule in a game you programmed. If you wanted to present that rule to some interviewer considering all the other accomplishments you've had, that seems an odd choice, but you could then explain what you wanted to see done instead to that interviewer if you thought that helpful.
Why not just rename her so not a full goddess.
Supreme Priestess
God's(Goddess's) Hand....a little GoT
UM Vor Priestess....sounds good to me anyway

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