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Alamaze Campaign
If Titan split is used, I feel the game will show a clear leading team pretty early on. So, I don't think a turn limit is needed.
I'll think about the campaign concept some more.

In the meantime, what if we introduce the Ice Age option to the game? It'll be something to choose in the Game Queue and any game will be able to have the effect.

Ice Age Epoch
  • Winter season is always present throughout the entire game.
  • The Ice Age option may be applied on any map (including Centauria).
  • Terrain movement costs are x1.5 current value (turn 0 kingdom setups will display an additional Ice Age column rate).
  • All water areas will be completely frozen over. No ships may move which will nullify merchant trading, sea patrols, and troop transport. All groups may move on frozen water as if on land (use order #720/725). Teleport spells will be allowed to land on frozen water areas. Dragons may land on frozen water so they may attack pc's or investigate encounters which was previously denied them. Group vs group combat on frozen water areas will be fought as a normal land battle (fleets are not involved) and the terrain will be equivalent to Plains (regarding if certain effects are possible like Flanking or casting the Flash Flood spell).
  • Fire-oriented spells have x1.5 damage during Ice Age epochs. This will boost the effects of the following spells: Firestrike, Wall of Flame, Meteor Strike (pc damage spell), Avenging Angel (divine fire aspect of this priestess spell)
  • Due to the need to rebalance kingdom power ratings, wizard troop summoning spells are not permitted during an Ice Age. The Demon Prince's special ability to raise skeletons is still allowed as well as the Raise Zombie spell (#112) since they are created from the dead on the battlefield.
  • The banned list of spells during an Ice Age are: Summon Kraken (#659), Storm At Sea (#660), Dispel Storm At Sea (#661), Ship of Mist (#708), Summon Minotaurs (#860), Summon Skeletons (#861), Summon Ghouls (#862), Summon Wights (#863), Summon Specters (#864), Summon Rock Golems (#865) 
  • The banned list of orders during an Ice Age are: Sea Patrol (#705), Sea Group Moves (#710/715), Sea Trade Mission (#711), Increase Seapower (#748), Create Elite Ship (#749), Sabotage Seapower (#935).
  • For Early Strategic Objectives, if you select the objective D4 (total 7+ fleets in each of 2+ seas) you may not be able to achieve your ESO in the game. 
  • Scrap seapower (order #245) will still be permitted since some kingdoms were designed to be balanced with other kingdoms regarding number/quality of fleets as a factor (though their purpose during an Ice Age will be only to scrap for the extra gold).
  • Phoenix brigades (fire creatures that only the Black/Red Dragon kingdoms may summon) are able to heal 10% attrition (normally 5%).
  • Due to the inclement weather, all figure movements (emissary, agent, priestess) ranges are reduced by 1. So if your kingdom can move an agent 8 areas, that gets reduced to 7 areas.

Due to the reduced food production, certain orders/spells that may have not been used before may become more valuable in this format. Instant Summon Phantoms (#93) will allow you to add troops to your group without paying for any food/gold like normal troops. As mentioned earlier, Raise Zombies (#112) will allow your group to grow in size automatically without paying for the additional brigades. Of course, Create Food (#208), Fertile Fields (#602), and Bounty (#786) spells should be popular during an Ice Age epoch.

I'm debating on whether wizard summon troop spells should be banned or not. What does everyone else think? Some wizard kingdoms were designed to summon magical troops as part of their power ranking to other kingdoms. Since the change was made for summoned troops to require food/gold as normal troops, should these spells be banned or allowed in this variant?

Overall, adding the Ice Age Epoch option will be a bit of work than I originally thought but I think it would provide a cool and interesting option for the game. What does everyone else think? Also, we'll need Ry Vor's permission to make this code change...

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