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Early Strategic Considerations on Maelstrom
A Strategic View of the Maelstrom Map

The Crown Islands.  A small region, with no major city, almost owning the Sea of the Forgotten, except for some presence from Krynn.  With every terrain type here, any kingdom might find it comfortable.   The problem might not be controlling The Crown Islands, but what to do next.

  Big region, with lots of mountains and lots of forest and possible access to both The Tempest and The Azure Waves.  I could see any military kingdom from Dwarves to Elves to Ranger or Tyrant here.  King in the North!

The Diamond Coast.
  The Endless Sea will provide resources, in a somewhat harsh land with desert (tundra) and swamp.  The one mountain might be important.   No major city (TBD if this is good or bad strategically, but will have less resources without one and also fewer PC’s overall).   Could see any number of kingdoms here, though the Lizard Kingdom and the Nomads come to mind first.

  A long, narrow region with access to two seas, a major city, lots of plains for fast mobile defense.  I’m looking forward to seeing the various strategies here and it sort of calls out to the Amazons, and other kingdoms with the Riders trait.  Maybe an aggressive Pirate as well.  Lots of expansion opportunities. 

  A massive region that should lead to a leading position, replete with all terrains and virtual control of The Tempest, and a major forest and coastal city in Imril should make the master of Triumvia a major player.

 Big region with the presumed capital of Maelstrom in Stormgate.   Access to both The Tempest and near control of Waves of Azure, lots of forest, plains and swamp.   Other than the lack of mountains, which are right on the borders to recruit Companions, almost any bold ruler can have an exciting campaign here.  Give me the High Elves or Dark Elves here and I go for gold. 

  This place has it going on.  The Bronze Canyon, a coastal city to rival Stormgate, access to two seas, lots of mountains for recruiting and natural barriers.  A big region expected to have big resources.   Who would not want to be here?

.   Major city, peripheral mountains, central plains.  Very defensible and while lacking forest allows lots of strategic possibilities.   A pivotal region suited for a very clever diplomat with a kingdom that can defend itself. 

The Sword Coast
.  Dominates the Sea of Sorrows, a big region but without a major known city, lots of forest and swamp as well as plains.   Looks good for a number of kingdoms including mages, elves, pirates. 

  Two protective and productive mountain ranges, lots of far south swamp, central plains, no known city.   Not suited to forest folk, but otherwise about anyone else.   Situated to capitalize on any vulnerabilities with neighbors.

  Maybe the most interesting region in a strategic sense in how many directions to go.   With the powerful coastal city on The Sorrows in Python Cove.  Access to several regions, unattractive desert to some potential invaders. 

The Untamed Lands
.  This is expected to be a popular choice, suitable to a number of kingdoms.  You have a major city, lots of forest and mountains but easy to traverse central plains.  Another region with lots to offer and enjoying a corner position.
Lots to consider- aren't there also hidden cities? Looking forward to exploring.
(06-01-2017, 01:52 PM)Acererak Wrote: Lots to consider- aren't there also hidden cities? Looking forward to exploring.

The regions without a major city (4) have a minor city with resources between a major city and a town, but have to be discovered  - move from game to game, but we did drop the mythical cities idea as potentially unbalancing. 

I am looking forward to this new chapter, but its still a couple months off though we can still talk about it.
Is it still going to be a four-region victory check? Or will it be based on total population? I can see the smaller regions without major cities being big targets for those going for a quick victory.

Perhaps the meta-strategy could be to start in a big, powerful region such as Triumvia and then move to The Crown Isles, before heading south to Krynn and then into Zanthia or Zamora.

If victory checks would be a check of the total percentage population that you own of the map, that would make these regions no less appealing than any other region surrounding them. This would be a really big change though.

Perhaps adding a new victory check order, that would check for the percentange population of the map that you own? Maybe 25% population could also be a victory? That would open up doors to a secretive diplomatic strategy that could yield victory out from beneath the noses of your competitors AND allies!
I really like the design of the game, Rick. I think you are making tremendous progress to make The Maelstrom the best version of the game to date Smile

I LOVE the idea of the ant kingdom you came up with. If you feel like ants don't fit the model of Alamaze, perhaps keep the idea and give it a more 'humanistic' or 'fantasy-esque' kingdom title. I honestly have been thinking of a kingdom designed like the Ant kingdom you described as I have been enjoying 3rd cycle and would love to see it make an appearance.


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