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The Maelstrom Map
(05-20-2017, 11:19 AM)Mad Hatter Wrote: Like that idea...

Separate thought: I never understood why all kingdoms have ships somewhere. If you look around, there are countries that are landlocked that don't have ships in any sea. Anyone ever heard of a Czech or Austrian navy? Maybe landlocked kingdoms should not have the ships, but maybe they have a wandering trading compensate for the merchant attribute of fleets. Just a thought...most of the time I send my ships to trading or just get rid of them altogether. After all, you can control a region without controlling the seas in them, especially if you have a strong diplo corp.

I just have to point out that Captain Von Trapp from The Sound of Music was a veteran of the Austrian navy. Cool
Yes and that canoe was the flagship.
Funny stuff.   Smile  

I don't think we're going to change The Choosing much if at all.  Overall, with the last changes in place, I think it just depends on the players and the tides rather than the kingdoms, even though the kingdoms can be so different. 

The Maelstrom will seem really a new game.  The advantage is you'll know almost all the rules and the system from playing The Choosing.  But your strategies will change.  Just an obvious example is with 12 regions, and the Red Dragon might be anywhere, soon in control of a region like The Crown Islands, how does that effect your strategy?

Spell lists to be more specific, covert takes it up a notch.  Major emphasis on economy and development via PC improvements.  Magic has some more requirements.  Military might be able to amplify with more training, more Companions, maybe more specialization.  Defense of region more practical.  Even choices of what Ruler order to give should be a bit perplexing.  We kind of like perplexing in-game choices around here.  It makes us different.
(05-26-2017, 12:05 PM)Ry Vor Wrote:
(05-26-2017, 06:23 AM)Thunderb0lt Wrote: Holy cow thats alot of changes. What are the resource gains via plundering a castle? Can we make it so only a prince can build a Legendary castle? It is after all a wonder of the world. And will it raise influence or regional reaction? Can you explain difference between castle, citadel, and fortress? Does the brigade have to be at the PC to receive the weaponized and/or armored upgrade? What trait will be used to determine a bonus for castles? Will there be traits that help offset the cost of building any of these upgrades? Will there be any new character types? These questions and more on the next episode of Maelstrom.

Well, so far I think I've only written about here on the forum about 20% of the changes.  I'm trying to get most of the mechanics down and the kingdoms and spell list changes will probably be last.

A castle is a separate entity from the PC which protects the PC from rebellion and usurptation and must be conquered before the PC can be attacked.  A Fortress improves a town's defense and provides some other benefits, and a citadel likewise for a city.  Yes, the description for citadel should include Rulership and Influence benefits. 

A brigade would have to be at the PC with an Armorer to become Armored and at a PC with a Weapon Smith to become Weaponized.  If I was playing the Warlock, I probably wouldn't go that way, but if I was say the Rangers, with a few Veteran or Elite brigades, I'd be all over it.

I held off on new character types other than refining the difference between agents and fanatics as it was getting too big.  So Engineers, Sages and Heroes are not coming into Maelstrom.

Weapon Smith - "Weaponized" is lame, hope you come up with something better Smile My thought is that you would only build this building in your capital or City. But in my experience, your experienced/primary army almost never visits either of those two PCs - especially when at war. The army is usually off marauding. But it would be good if it became the central feeder point for your (stronger) reinforcements. Also, don't like the one brigade equipped per turn/order. Make it automatic for new troops recruited at the PC (at additional cost would be fine - add 20%). Please provide an order like Equip Troops where it will (re)equip all troops of a particular type. Hey, how about a kingdom customization where you can pick your preferred weapon, Spear, Axe, Sword and that becomes the name modifier for the troops improved? Combine the customization with Valyrian Steel so you get one special weapon artifact of that same type for your 1st group?

Armorer - Same with regards to improving and "Armored" sounds fine.

Love the castles. Except that castles/fortresses historically boosted the economy where they were located. For each turn you siege does it knock the level down one step? The foundation should still be there Smile Can your military diplo a reduced castle so you don't have to destroy it completely? That's pretty historical. Make each level "damaged", so you don't have to rebuild it from scratch?

Seaports for trading?

Please add caravans that work the same way. And caravan raiding - to match what happens with sea trade.

Map is totally awesome. Love it, nice job.

As far as building stuff, should require a Gov or better. Not really sure what Ambassador's are for except releasing skels. I never recruit them and always improve them ASAP.

I would love to see the idea of mage/warrior/other kingdoms just go away. If you do an analysis of games with a competent player(s) playing mage kingdoms, I think they win every time. Not really any way to make it fair, either. How about you just get rid of the idea of kingdom types and make it total customization? Start with "Generic Human" and then customize? Each trait/ability costs something. You want magic supremacy?, fine, but that's probably all you are going to get. Each recruitable companion type costs something - alliance with minor race.

I know, Ry Vor hates it when I start game designing.

Please help all of this work be usable by continuing to work on the order entry app. Why make me type in the short name of the scrying mirror? Why give me the option to scry if I don't have a scrying device? Enamor region doesn't require short name, so I know you have this info.

As you make the game more complicated, it will be paramount to reduce the complexity through awesomeness in the order app, IMO.
Nice, Ditto what Netstrider wrote. 

What will happen to castle's when a player quits?  Will they protect the PC'S like before or become abandoned.
"RELLGARNice, Ditto what Netstrider wrote. 

What will happen to castle's when a player quits?  Will they protect the PC'S like before or become abandoned."

Like PC's, any castles controlled by an abandoned position will become Human controlled.

Mainly an update on the map here.  Fit the map into PowerPoint with the existing icons.  Worked on the Excel sheet to allow coding of the map. So that's 676 areas x 5 columns or about 3300 cells to complete, and its not like just typing in letters, its all back and forth between Excel and the map.  So area, terrain, region, sea area or not and coastal or not.  Also a column for "special", which for example the three areas with volcanoes will allow those with access to Phoenix to recruit them there.  Coastal areas identify the sea and PC's have bonuses to production and some improvements like ports must be built at sea or coastal PC's.  Also identifying as coastal should simplify ship building, mercantile orders, possibly sea patrol.  I'm not done but should be in a couple days with the map.  

Netstrider, that's a lot of questions.  Yeah, I'm not crazy about "weaponize", but I haven't come up with something better. What's your suggestion?  Yes, I have lots of notes and probably have written on it here on the forum where the next game (not Alamaze) is starting with some standard base and then spending points on everything else.  Also many other new ideas, but as I've written several times, we're looking to pare down what we have already for Maelstrom, for example, we won't do the pretty elaborate enhancements to the naval side that included maybe eight kinds of ships with various potential improvements to each and a different name for each quality rating. 

Mike has always been open to specifics on the order entry site, which of course has been a great enhancement to the game experience.  You need to identify the scrying device as there can be several possessed with different capabilities and different ranges in different locations.  So specific suggestions are welcome (best sent to support), but "improve it" we can't do that much with, we think its good.

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