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New brigade suggestion.
Here is my idea of a new brigade for the Sacred  Order:
Paladins,  these elite holy knights are the ultimate in mounted combat and attrition reduction. 

Can heal the entire groups brigades up to 5% once a month.
Brigade Ratings:
Defense     LR Missile     SR Missile   Charge Val    1st Melee   2nd Melee   Combined    Storm
Excellent  A-Average      very good     Renowned     Excellent   very Good      Good            very good 

Can recruit in plains, requires a Marshal and 1 Elite Brigade.
Max: 1 per group. 

Or make them weaker and increase to 3 per group, but keep healing. 
Similar to the Phoenix brigade for dragons - I really like the idea.
Thanks, I was also thinking abouthaving them increasethe groups moral every turn by like 2 points.
With all kingdoms in Maelstrom able to be in any region, I think you'll see The Sacred Order and The Black Dragons jump up in the standings.  They were made strong for an offset to being in Amberland, but perhaps not enough in The Choosing.
There problem is in the end game, they are good in the first half of a game.
Sacred Order troops are awesome...but I can see them falling off as magic develops.

Honestly IMHO The Choosing just has too much magic in general. Instead of Game of Thrones we have Game of Domes...
I have discussed this at some length, and published some of the changes coming in Maelstrom.  For magic specifically, we showed the chart where the lowest maximum assured goes from a low of 2 in The Choosing, to 5 in Maelstrom.  No kingdom starts with fewer than 4 wizards/adepts (instead of 2), and the wizard kingdoms generally start with one fewer than The Choosing.  Spell lists will change, some spells eliminated (like Locate Character), some added (like the emissary speed spell), dispel Dome available earlier, Dome probably gotten later.  Riders trait (AM, RA, SA, etc) adds -25% to damage incurred in missile phases and for damage from Lightening, Fireball, Tornado.  The Halflings also gain -25% damage taken in missile phases due to being diminutive (harder to hit).

Lots and lots of changes in Maelstrom which will see more development emphasis, instead of early invasions.  Players will adjust to not panicking when they don't control "their" city on turn 4, and don't have the region until turn 6, and regions are more defensible.

Of course the aim is to have all kingdoms be appealing, and with the availability of all regions to all kingdoms, we won't see, say the Dwarves not selected because the Warlock was the most popular as in The Choosing. Now we can have both Warlock and Dwarves, along with 1000's of other possibilities.

I think I may have mentioned that there will be some bonuses to some regions. For example, starting in the three largest regions a kingdom gains +1 starting kingdom brigade and perhaps +1 Rulership and Influence.
Sounds great!
First I heard of the region bonus. But cool idea

Could also maybe tie a bonus based on Valhalla rating for the kingdom say after 10 games or so. Say top 5 kingdoms get - 1 rulership and bottom 5 get +1 rulership with the bottom one also getting +1 influence.

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