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Game 540. Ready button confederation
First ready enabled Confederation Game

After completing 24 turns in 17 days our game has ended.  The first week flew by at a furious pace as the game started on a Thursday and by the end of the next Thursday we had finished 18 turn.  It then took 10 day to complete the remaining 6 turns.  

I found the ready button a great addition to the game.  It allowed us to push through the build up phases of the game quickly and then slow down a bit as the game started to go into chaos.  

Confederations/ silent

Teams for this contest were
Druid / Lizard-men
Necromancer / Nomad
Warlock / Halfling
Sorcerer / Atlantians
Illusionist / Black Dragon

The game through the NE/NO perspective

Turns 1-10 A time of peace
I decided since this game has 5 players that I would try to be the odd man out and see if I could avoid going to war. Hoping that the other players would pair off and fight each other while I build up.   
T1 the BL took the first council seat for 37k (good price).  I landed on the same square as the 2DU with a captain only patrol.  My 2NE was deep in Oakendale on the water so I choose not to move them to keep the water PC and be able to build crappy fleet that could make me a fortune.  My capital also started next to the sea of terror allowing me to have fleets on standing order to do merchant trades from turn 1.  By turn 5 I was making an extra 30k+ gold a turn unaffected by winter.   
T2 came and the 2DU did nothing to my little captain.  I took this as a piece offering.  My 2NO took a human village in R8 that I had landed on the first turn, this was critical because it also promoted one of my brigades to veterans.  For the NO you must have at least 1 veteran to be able to issue a 565 order.  The HA won the 2nd council seat for 50k gold.  
T3 WA won the council seat for 60k! Gold.  WA was also the only kingdom to claim a region.  
By T4 everyone except the LI and HA had gained control of there perspective regions.  The AT took the 4th council seat for only 28k and I had declared both my kingdoms allied.  I also by now knew where the WA villages and DU town were in my regions.  WA was on the water and DU a coastal PC.   I figured leaving these alone would show good faith and allow them to build extra income.  The DU and WA teams would end up not taking any of my PCs this game even those in there own regions.  
T5 I began gifting back and forth between my kingdoms to gain a bit of extra gold with the ToT trait.  I had not been raising influence with my NE instead favoring to raise wizards then us the P5s to cast 481s.  By T5 I had 2p5s 2p3s, 1p2, and 2p1s.  Nobody bid o. The 5th seat this turn.  Missed opportunity 
T6 status points came out.  I am in the middle of the pack good no attention going my way.  Again no bid for the 5th seat.  NE had points from wizards,  NO had points from the 4 artifacts they had found so far.
         Sorcerer             625                625
         Black Dragon         600                600
         Nomad                600                600
         Warlock              550                550
         Illusionist          475                475
         Halfling             450                450
         Necromancer          450                450
         Atlantians           425                425
         Druid                425                425
         Lizard Men           350                350
T7 finally the IL took the seat for 10001 I believe he has charisma so took for 1 gold.   Around this time the BL and IL took the town and two villages from me in there regions so I returned the favor and took the IL town in my region.  This was the only hostile action anyone had taken against me and would help shape who I would go after later.  BL and IL regions were the first regions I divined.  I instantly was jealous of the incredible region the BL had.  2 cities, 7 towns, 8 villages
T8-9 still raising wizards, exploring US in my regions and using NE p5s to raise NE and NO influence.  NO was also using his king.
T10 both kingdoms got there ESO 3p5s, 2 artifacts, and control of a region.  Both kingdoms took 2 adepts a P1 and a baron.  My wizards were now at NE 5p5s, 1p4, 1p2, 1p1, 2p.1.  NO 3P5s, 2p2s, 1p1, 2p.1.    Every thing seems ok in the world.

T11-15 First Blood
T11 The first sign of hostility, the WA and HA declare BL and IL enemy.  A curse is released on the HA king.  They must have invaded on turn 10 I figure.   At this point I am raising emmies and wizards trying to make sure I have at least all p3s.  
T12 status points come out.  Look like the IL and SO likely have a lot of high level agents.  
                          Current              Total

         Illusionist        1,625              2,100
         Sorcerer           1,315              1,940
         Black Dragon       1,325              1,925
         Nomad              1,250              1,850
         Warlock            1,000              1,550
         Atlantians         1,075              1,500
         Necromancer        1,050              1,500
         Halfling             850              1,300
         Druid                850              1,275
         Lizard Men           825              1,175

T13-14.  R7 finally falls. I figure great job by our least experienced player loading off the BL and IL for so long.  Another curse was released on the HA turn 13.
T15-18.  The Twist
T15 The LI declares the AT enemy.  Perfect this is what I was hoping for.  I analyze and figure my best shot to win and not get caught in collateral damage, would be to hit the BL and IL.   To do this I would need 14 emmies for my NE and 11 for my NO.  This would allow me to move into all the towns and villages, then cover the 4 cities with my groups.
T16 the surprise happened the AT gained control of R3 and declared the LI enemy.  Poor WA/HA that had to be a big blow.  Anyway I marched on build build build.  I had been building a military with the NE and NO now as well.  Mostly low cost units.  
T17-18 completing my build up to begin my pre-invasion.  Status points, the BL/IL are starting to pull away from the pack followed by SO/AT.   I figure mostly powered by agents as I think they could not be that much above me with wizards and artifacts.  At this time I have 13 artifacts between my kingdom 3 of them quests ROP (On a now P8 NE wizard), Staff or the Orator and Elan.
                          Current              Total

         Illusionist        2,300              4,400
         Black Dragon       2,025              3,950
         Sorcerer           1,850              3,790
         Nomad              1,700              3,550
         Atlantians         1,925              3,425
         Necromancer        1,450              2,950
         Lizard Men         1,350              2,525
         Druid              1,150              2,425
         Warlock              725              2,275
         Halfling             550              1,850

T19-24  4 more regions to Victory
The plan is to move emmies into all the BL and IL PCs using conceal emissary.  I would move half turn 19 into villages as they are less likely to be scouted.  T20 I would move the other half and bring my groups to all 4 cities.  I had debated moving the groups and giving away at least part of my invasion plan but in the end I did not have the spells to go invis and conceal so I figured complete control and pivoting to the next region would provide the best chances to hold onto the first regions while I took the next two.   
T19 went as planned.  Also Torvale fell I had to hope this was the BL / IL being out of place now for what would come.
T20 I messed up one conceal Emmy.  Likely not a big issue since my groups were not invisible anyway.
At this point my NE had 9 princes, 1 Duke, 3 counts, a baron and a governor.  2 army groups and an army all of which could take down a city.  1p8+, 1p7 (lich), 1p6 , 3 p5s, 4 p3s.  
My NO had 8 princes, a duke, count and baron, 5 12+ agents, 4 HPs.   2 army groups, 2 armies and a division.  1 army had only bats so could fly and the division could fly with an artifact.  4p5, 2p4, 2p3
Owning only my starting regions most the game I really noticed the increase cost of mages over level 5.  But because of the changes to only one spell it is only really needed that one wizard in the group be of higher level.
T21 I took every PC except the capital in both R5 and R8.  I pivoted my groups into R7.  The plan here was the NE would take control of PCs while the NO plundered the PCs giving control as quickly as possible to the NE.  The BL moved an army  group to viperhead and a town in Arcadia.  The IL move to my R10 city.  I was surprised to find both HA groups and SO groups at PCs I moved to in R7.  
T22 BL took the city and town.  IL still sitting at the city after nuking it and moved two groups to my NO capital.  The capital had 40k+ defense so I knew it was good at least one turn.   Though I won my confrontations with the SO and HA it did delay me one turn needing to use my wizards for those fights.   I had taken the two towns and city my NE groups were at then moved to more PCs.   While the NO continued destroying villages and towns.   Some how I managed to find the same spot the SO moved his two divisions to with my main NO group.  He had better wizards but I had more and I had 35 brigades vs his 2 divisions.  I also gated in a NE Prince to viperhead through the BL group due to an artifact he had.
T23 The SO ported all his wizards away and I slaughtered his groups.   I took R7 and moved my NE groups and Emmies into R4.  I also move the NO emmies into 4 to help stir unrest.  I could tell the BL and IL would not have enough of my regions to make me loose control.  Though my NE capital would fall this turn.
T24 I captured enough of R4 to get control and claimed a team victory with NE controlling 4 regions and 2 regions for the NO.

Final status points
             Victory By Team (6 Regions) Is The Necromancer Kingdom!
                           Game End Status Points

        Place Kingdom    Player                Results-24  Grand Total

          1     NE     Jumpingfist               12,300      15,250
          2     NO     Jumpingfist                8,700      12,250
          3     IL     Atuan                      9,400      13,800
          4     BL     Atuan                      8,080      12,030
          5     AT     Drogo                      6,300       9,725
          6     DU     Ohman the Heartless        7,000       9,425
          7     SO     Drogo                      5,540       9,330
          8     LI     Ohman the Heartless        5,145       7,670
          9     WA     Avantar                    3,500       5,775
         10     HA     Avantar                    2,000       3,850

Thanks to the other players for getting there first 18 turns in so quickly.  The ready button really made for a more enjoyable game experience.
Wow. Great strategy. And somebody had said they havent seen any level 6+ wizards lately. Congrats.

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