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GAME 541 - 5 Player Cut Throat 2
From the Underworld king to the Sorceror:

As our attentions are fully engaged in managing our kingdom, we have not devoted tone or gold to the high council. We are guaranteed a spot in any case. A token bid of say 500 gold should ensure your seat at tge table.

We would council against using the high council as a weapon. As you have already seen, kingdoms are willing to go to all out war over a vote and it of course makes it difficult to accomplish your own goals.

As a fellow king of equal status, we don't presume to advise you in your strategy however past kings of your nation have pursued a more patient and subtle
Strategy with their military neighbors.
From the Underworld king to the Dragon king:

We can find no reason not to take you up on your offer. As taking a region is easier when you have both cities, it is our intention to wait until you have taken the region to take up residence.

We currently have no holdings in Arcania.
To the King of the Underworld,


Calidor- Representative of His Highness King of the Red Dragons
To the Sorcerer King,

As no actual vote has occurred, we ask that you reconsider your proposal in light of clarifications provided by the DA and ourselves. I believe that there may have been a misunderstanding in prior communications. This is unfortunately common with complex politics between different cultures and no offense shall be taken as unless you actually should vote against our proposal.

We look forward to your response.

Calidor- Representative of His Highness King of the Red Dragons
King of the Elves,

We send you this dispatch simply to stay in touch so there should not develop any mistrust. We have no desire to visit the forests of Oakendell. Her trees are much too thick for our wings to stretch Smile Should you ever have a question about our intentions please feel free to raise them with me and I shall respond directly.

Calidor- Representative of His Highness, King of the Red Dragons
Okay well i feel good about this game. All is well and i look forward to talking more after turn 7 results. Good luck gentlemen. Hope to see rest of you get your regions next turn.

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