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Question about orders
Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but there is a LOT of info out there and it's a bit difficult to get it all down at once.   Anyhow my question related to the number of orders you are allowed to issue.

If you use a order that increased your influence (even something as basic as command 11), does that influence increase affect the number of orders I could give?  For example if I start with 15 influence shown and on Turn 1 I issue order 11 and increase influence, does that increase the orders I could give THIS turn?  Could I issue 18 instead of 17?

Similarly, when you have a negative effect such as getting your influence lowered by an enemy, does that lower the orders processed for that turn?  or is it only effective the following turn?
The influence changes take place the following turn in terms of how many orders you can issue. So, for examples, if you issue a 480 order or select +1 Influence for your #11 Customization order, it won't take effect till after the turn processes.
My understanding is influence can change as the turn progresses, I.e. Your king is killed or you loose your capital, but the number of orders that you can issue stays locked in from what you started the turn with.

Thanks guys!
(02-03-2017, 01:12 PM)Calidor Wrote: 10-4

Thanks guys!

I don't think you can enter that order until the next turn.

I await the response of UM.
The respondents have it right: the orders you can issue in a given turn are dependent upon the starting influence for that turn.

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