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Members service levels summery
Is there a way to view your service level invoice to see what your currently paying for and what is and isn't  beine counted toward your current service level? If not, then can we get one it would be very useful.
The accounting is completely separate from the game engine and our servers.

The invoice says what service level you are at.  If you join a game that increases your service level, your service level increases when that game begins.  If you wish to decrease your service level because you are below the maximum games the service level allows and don't intend to join another game, send an email to support to make the change before your renewal date.  The specifics of what is included in each service level is shown on its own thread on the forum.  If you have other questions, send an email to support.

A reminder all invoices are due when issued.  Please don't wait for a reminder to bring your account current.

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