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Here i come!
Im an old fart , live in North Indiana, work for Feds. Played this game when Phil loaned it out to Reality Simulations and then at Pegasus Prod. I played first and 2nd cycle.  I prefer one game at a time and one kingdom at a time so my job doesnt fire me and my wife doesnt divorce me. I am a good starcraft player and also greatly enjoy check that out for you WW2 strategy/tactic gamers. Its addictive. I am a student of SunTzu, imaginative and cunning. I can be a dangerous opponent once i have all the nuances of the game orders and possibilities down. I am looking for an experienced buddy to help me analyze my priorities in my first couple games and to bounce ideas off of if anyone is available. My email address is , had this for 10+ years so dont laugh, Did anyone ever play the game called YouRule! by Llucky Llama games back in 90's? One of the first good pbm formats.
I played YouRule! once. Was nice too. I remember setting up reoccurring orders to continuously recruit Centaurs and made them encircle my main town protecting it from attack. I quit though after a few turns even though I thought it was a decent game. Weeks later, I got a notice from Lucky Llama that I came in 12th place since no one was able to get past my ever accumulating Centaurs on patrol Smile
Welcome (Back) to the Game, ThunderB0lt! Glad to have you among us.
Good gaming, Thunderbolt.
Glad to be here guys. Love this game.

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