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Welcome to the DUEL! Challenge Arena
I like the DA and GN match up
(03-30-2018, 03:36 PM)Draugr Wrote: Hmm last day for a free dual.   I am interested.   I will list three pairing and if someone wants list who they would like to play for each then I will choose which to play.   Happy to reverse the idea as well if you would like to select the pairings.

DA vs GN
NO vs AM
HA vs DW

What do you thing of RA?  Nicely balanced position and in Duel your not surrounded by potential enemies!
RA matches up well with a few kingdoms
RA EL Or RA AM Could be good. Maybe RA SA If you want a kingdom they can flank.
Reminder that new players will be looking for an opponent for a Free Duel, and also a reminder that right now all players can participate in Duels free!

The more experienced player should setup the Duel in the Game Creator after logging in at Alamaze Login 

Brand new players should first play the Tutorial.

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