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Early Aggression: Before vs. After Taking Your Starting Region
Hello fellow lords!

I am posting this to receive thoughts and feedback on the pros/cons of being aggressive right out of the gate (on turn 1), or waiting to be aggressive until AFTER you take your region (turn 3 or 4).

I would like this discussion to be focused more on the military kingdoms, since due to the nature of the game, it would be more advantageous for military kingdoms to be aggressive early.

If you are playing a non-dispersed military-focused kingdom, would it ever be appropriate to recruit troops and go on the offensive on turn 1? What would be the strengths and weaknesses of this, compared to waiting to take your region first?

If you were playing a dispersed military-focused kingdom, would you ever have an opportunity to take control of a region without aggression right off the bat?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Smile
It can be a very good tactic. logic being you home region is likely to be uncontested or if shared a deal can be worked out ahead of time. While you build for war and advance on an unsuspecting foe. You could move into there region taking PC before they even know you are there and if you move swiftly enough you could even block there ability to control the region. I would say generally you would want to invade the region that has your second town so you can actually bring your forces groups together quickly and recruit many human troops to buffer you kingdom brigades.
The advantage is your army will not show up on regional reports for a few turns. Also invading your second town region you can actually explore a good deal detaching from your 2nd group. I would generally keep atleast one group back to scout out your home region and take it politically while you work the second region with your military. Also good to scout the second region city. If possible sleep one of the emmies at the city. They are not likely to ward them if they do not believe anyone is coming so early.
The biggest risk is you do not find enough PCs in your home region to get your economy going while you begin to fight. Also the recruiting orders earLy will likely cost some early development orders.
High risk high reward type move. I would look who you plan to invade. If they are listed on the iron willed chart likely not the best move to get an enemy that will harass you for the rest of the game.
Is it plausible to take control of your home region on turn 3-4 while advancing into an adjacent region w/ your military?
(04-11-2016, 11:16 PM)Tomag Ironfist Wrote: Is it plausible to take control of your home region on turn 3-4 while advancing into an adjacent region w/ your military?

I believe Lord Thanatos, reigning Warlords Champion, is famous for this approach.  Perhaps he will share his insights on the early military strike outside of the capital region.

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