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New Game - Annihilation of the Wicked
Need 3 more. Here's what we have already:

Necromancer Ramses Bringer of War
Druid Avantar
Ranger Greyhawk
Black Dragon DuPont
Sorcerer Ohman the Heartless
Red Dragon Diws
Gnome Imperial Tark
Demon Princes Warmaster
Warlock Mad Hatter
Just confirming I am up for this game and okay with the forum diplomacy.
As Mike has said in various posts, mainly we don't want players waiting in queues.  So with our recent changes with the Game Creator, its been a bit of a conflict between players starting queues and getting games started. 

So to summarize with our new freedom in Game Creator:
  • Start a forum thread before creating a game in Game Creator unless you are playing a tutorial or Duel.
  • Respect we have kind of a rotation of format types.  So, not only don't start a second Anonymous type if one is forming in the queue, but rest to let a Full-On game form, for example.
  • We saw some recent returning players.  Encourage them and others to return.  Best for all that games form faster.  More players = faster forming games.
  • We should have the Alliance format - four teams of three players back - although it may not show as that name in the Game Creator.  A great format.
We'd like even very experienced players to spend a couple hours on the new tutorial to see if we hit the mark or missed.  Generally, we want a non-PBM player to from the Tutorial to get fairly instinctively how to get going.  Alamaze is nuanced and complicated and has a learning curve, but we want complete strangers to at least know how to sign up and process turns and the general objectives without reading all the rules.
Well I am looking for a full diplomacy game.
Fear casts a large shadow, yet he himself is very small.
I'm just looking for ANY game.
Is this thread dead?
(09-28-2017, 02:33 PM)PTRILEY Wrote: Is this thread dead?

Pretty much

These are the 2 official game queue currently active.  The others are ones players created on there own

12 player anonymous September.
Needs 4 players

Team game for Jessica jung   
Need 3 players
Ok thank you JD.. not filling these as fast as I had thought they would..
If it's dead, can the thread be removed?

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