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Go East, Young Man, Go East!
(10-06-2021, 08:58 PM)Eregnon Wrote: The people of the Untamed Lands were discontent. In recent years the lands had gotten too crowded, with travelers from Mythgar and Pellinor wandering through without so much as a by your leave. Things were becoming too settled, and predictable. These were the Untamed Lands after all, and they were supposed to be...well...Untamed!

"What shall we do?" the people cried in despair. "We're being overrun with strip malls and shopping centers. This must end!"

Then a great leader rose among them, Eklar the Wanderer, and he laid it out for them.

"We'll go East! That is what we will do!"

"How far East?" The people asked.

"As far East as we can. We keep going until we run out of We'll just keep going East and settle there."

And so they did.
Yep, that's east!

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