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Game 75 Results Good vs Evil Epic
(09-13-2021, 08:03 PM)RELLGAR Wrote: I played the DU, I just played ring around the tree with the Demons, then the Tyrrants.  Gave my food away to the Amazonian army and the elves in tights, then gave food to the build a castle funds in Triumvia and Stormgate to protect the old folks home.. My allies kicked butt down south, while I held on in the north and went after UN villages early on with military, then again later on with emmisaries. We found the DE hidden capitol and that's when I moved on Diamond, but the Demons had enough and dropped before I usurped my first PC there.

The concept and the role play was fun. The game was not to exciting though. The players are among the best and I will play another team game with any of them again, even a boring one.

Great job of holding on in the north General.  It reminded me of the Black Watch in G.O.T.  You more than held your own for sure and supplied the rest of us with food too.  Well done.

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