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What ESO Do You Pick?
I was thinking about the E.S.O. today and wondered what other's thoughts were on what they pick. I generally pick the same things and thought I'd share. First of all, I always go for the greater reward. I suppose going for the lesser can give you a bit of insurance, but I literally have never done that. So with that in mind:
I always pick Control a Region for this. I think back when there were more kingdoms than regions, there were times I would pick one of the others, but in Malestorm, this is a no brainer. If you do not control your region sometime between turn 10 and 15, you are probably sunk. And as this is the '2' pointer, that means all the rest can be '1' pointers.
There can be a bit of variation here. I almost never set my ESO before turn 3 and if I have gotten onto the HC by then, I will pick HC and 15 influence. If I am not, I will pick 3+ Dukes. Because you start as suspicious in nearly every region, Friendly in 3 will require a bit of gold, even in a team game where your allies will have caused you to reach Tolerant. And there's no real advantage to enamoring your allies regions as opposed to gaining Dukes or higher. There is no need to consider the 2 point options. If you cannot control a region, you are very unlikely to be able to achieve those.
I go for Control 2 artifacts. The Underworld could get 4 prisoners, but getting 2 artifacts is much easier. Gaining a Warlord is totally out of your control as you might get bad luck in your leader rolls, so that's a bad choice even for the most military of kingdoms. A kingdom could get 4 artifacts from unusual encounters but, again, it's much easier to control a region. And 7 prisoners is likely to cause you to go to war with somebody if you are the Underworld and are kidnapping that many people.
I generally go with PC > 35k gold or defense. With forts, it's very easy to get that and it's something you should do, anyway. I do mix it up a bit here, though. If I'm the PI or AT, I'll likely pick the 7+ fleets in 2 seas option as long as I have a clear path to build in 2 seas. As the UN, I might take the 3 7+ agents. As a magic kingdom, I might take the 3 4+ wizards. Partly, this is to 'force' me to make those goals. But, again, as a military kingdom, I will NOT pick the 6+ Generals or 3+ Marshals. That is NOT something you can control and early on I got burned by that. Back when the UN was actually dispersed, I would pick the 3 10+ agents for their 2 point option, but there's no need with every kingdom starting in their home region.

So - wondering if anybody else has any other thoughts?

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