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4th cycle brigade abilities
(07-01-2019, 11:45 AM)The Painted Man Wrote: New guy question - I looked (briefly) and could not find a listing of what the various new recruits give from a benefit perspective. I "know" what Westmen, Zamorans, and Northmen do, but there's all the new ones: Mythians, Nyvarians, Paladins, Stormgate Guard, and Vikings... not to mention at least one new companion brigade type (Ents). Does anyone have a list or experience so that I can adjust my list? Mucho thankso.

 Currently nothing for the new maelstrom brigades.  I believe ents does give something but forgot what.

A sort of advantage is Stormgate are always recruited as vets and nyvarians can be recruited as regulars from the NU city.

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