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How best to use Wizards
Purpose: create discussion among veterans to give new players some ideas about how best to use wizards.

I'm a wizard kingdom. Now what?!
  • How do I use a wizard?
  • What are the most effective spells?
  • 5 5th level wizards or one 7th+ wizard?
  • How many wizards is enough?
  • Should I prioritize getting as many wizards as I can?
Hidden ore is a great spell, and you can cast more than one per turn on a PC. Teleport patrol and invisible patrol are great for getting artifacts from all corners of the map.

The summoned brigades are nice, too, as they are mostly cheap to maintain. Minotaurs aren't but come with a nifty valor spell. Skeletons are super cheap, and can be used to "heal" other bridgades by the reorganize action.

Wizards are also awesome as the spells are free (with a couple of minor exceptions) except for research magic.

Even the two most valuable spells, recently nerfed, still seem essential- wind storm and bounty. I haven't seen a newly buffed legendary castle fall yet, but if it happens, wind storm will be essential (and fear and valor, probably, or crack the sky). Bounty is the most important spell to building a massive economy.
About having one high level wizard vs several mid-range, it depends on your circumstance. If you're getting pounded by a military kingdom (or about to), having one high level wizard that can cast dome of invulnerability or the demonic visions regional spell is well worth it. Having a bunch of lower level wizards (even pwr-5's) won't do much good against a powerful force. The dome may repel him to protect your pc's and the demonic visions or other regional spell will weaken his forces to make him leave your region. But if there isn't a strong military heading your way, having a bunch of lower level wizards are more useful in a variety of ways.
Hello there, I'm sure I overlooked it, but where is there a spells list that shows the spells that different level wizards can cast.
Thank you!
I found a spell list in my kingdom report...Sorry, false alarm, lol.
I think it also depends on the Kingdom. The costs and spell lists vary. One Kingdom might get a spell a level early. Some kingdoms might never get that spell.

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