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Windstar update - Windstar - 08-27-2021

Hi all.

I am sorry that I left the Alamaze community for a while.

You see, I have a mental illness, and Alamaze has enabled me to stay out of the hospital.

Unfortunately, it reared its ugly head and I had to go into the hospital for a while.

Someday, I plan on returning to the game, but for now I will keep to myself.

Sorry about the power vacuum my absence caused in my games, but I hope that you can forgive me this slight.

Windstar/Guy/Bash Grimtooth

RE: Windstar update - Senior Tactician - 08-27-2021

Glad you are OK buddy, hang in there.  Hope to see you soon.

RE: Windstar update - Ry Vor - 08-27-2021

Bash is a longtime favorite player and an asset to the Alamaze community.

We know he will overcome this temporary setback and rejoin us in the near future.  

Meanwhile, our thoughts are with you, Mr. Grimtooth and Windstar too.