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Full Version: Seasonal Steel - 12 player limited diplomacy
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Seasonal Steel - 12 player limited diplomacy

While this is partially open to all, I want to reserve six slots for potential newcomers for at least the next 72 hours.  So six active players can post, but save six spots. So any new or returning player, please claim a draft position from 1 - 12 just by posting on this thread.  You do have to register for the forum separately from your Alamaze account.

So we will move forward with this Steel (12 players, 12 kingdoms) game with Seasonal Forum Diplomacy (only communication is on a thread for this game once it begins and only from the time a turn result reads "Late (season)" until the following turn results, so a couple day window to make arrangements on the forum only.  No long term non-aggression agreements or other treaties, except for with a maximum of one declared ally.   Trades are welcome.  So is what the locals call smack talk.  

Turns are every 72 hours max and earlier if all players declare "Ready".

Draft spots are first come, first served.  Selecting 5 means you will also select either kingdom or region with the 20st pick.

This is now open to selecting draft position by posting with your persona, "I claim (1-12)", adding a taunt is optional. Leave six picks for potential newcomers until Sunday evening, but the first six can claim.
I will take spot 4
Hey I thought we had to wait! - If we don't I will take 12
I will take 6 But will give up if needed for new player ( in case more than 6 want in)
I will take 1
All fine, what I was trying to say is six active players can sign up before Sunday night, but let's leave six spots remaining until Sunday evening for any new or returning players that are ready to enter.  Then Sunday evening we can fill all remaining positions, first come, first served at say, 7pm Sunday eastern.

If you know someone on the fence, here's a good time to enter.
This can start filling now?
Oh yeah.
I will take 5.
1) Strylian - Nyvaria
4) Ashgar
5) Airetar
6) PTRiley
12) Brek
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